About Us

In any upscale restaurant or more common eatery like food trucks or school cafeterias, there are only two things that truly matter. The quality and the prep equipment operating efficiencies. All other things like ambience, furniture and crockery are a distant second as eateries are primarily linked to food and any shortfall here directly relates to a place’s its reputation.

For restaurant owners, our blog site is a one stop shop of information on related equipment. To that end, we invite contributors to send in their experiences and any news about the latest or most technologically advanced restaurant equipment from established and even lesser known manufacturers. We are focused on equipment of all types and helping industries by providing a base for conducting in-depth research articles. This means that hospitality establishments of all sizes, can gain access to the latest tips on offering a higher level of service through some simple articles.

We would also welcome write-ups on first hand experiences about existing or recently launched equipment so that prospective purchasers can benefit from it.

Finally any news in this field is acceptable by us. We would encourage a lively debate on the pros and cons of specific equipment so that restaurant owners can build a better picture of the industry by going through our site Adamrestequip.