The Essential Equipment For Restaurants

For the common man, a restaurant is all about beautiful furniture, aesthetically pleasing interior decoration and excellent crockery and cutlery. But it is behind this facade, or the heart of a restaurant is what the focal point of the establishment is really. This is where top of the line restaurant equipment with advanced state of the art features help to churn out the most exotic dishes for patrons. Without this backup, no restaurant worth its salt, can flourish at all. Most importantly, it is not only upscale places that need sophisticated equipment, no food truck or even a school cafeteria can do without them.

What then is the most basic equipment required for eateries? Basically they can be categorised into a number of sections, based purely on what they are required to do.

Cooking Equipment – This is naturally top of the pile and the equipment here is designed not only to cater to the fine task of cooking but also provide pinpoint accuracy so far as operational efficiency is concerned. Temperatures settings should be graded to exactness as any difference in heat even by fraction of degrees can ruin a dish. The most important ones here are commercial restaurant ranges, commercial fryers, commercial grills and steam cooking equipment.

Refrigeration Equipment – There are literally hundreds of options to choose from both in terms of size and cooling extent and what is ultimately installed in a restaurant will be in tune with its specific restaurants. The main components of a refrigeration layout in a restaurant include reach in refrigerators and freezers, refrigerated preparation tables to maintain required freshness of food during processing, worktop and under counter refrigeration units and bar refrigerators. All these are equally important to a restaurant.

Commercial Ovens – This is completely different from cooking and should be installed to run the bakery, cafeteria, pizzeria and for preparing other dishes that require a touch of baking. There are many models and options available ranging from the large conveyor models for churning out large quantities of bread and pizzas at a time for example to simple convection models for single items. The most common equipment in this category is commercial convection ovens, commercial microwaves, conveyor or impinge ovens and combination stoves.

Food Holding Equipment – This is crucial for a restaurant’s operations as it keeps food at the right temperature at which it should be served. These include electric steam tables, countertop food warmers, cold food tables and holding cabinets.

It is necessary for restaurants to get the correct mix of all these sections if they are to maximise operating efficiencies.