Using LED Lighting In Your Restaurant

LED Lighting

Restaurant lighting has evolved gradually in keeping with the times. First there were low powered filament lamps to set the mood followed by the fluorescent tubes. When establishments started looking at lowering electricity bills to gain in profitability, they switched to CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). However, optimising restaurant lighting is never easy – too harsh and bright and it looks like a cafeteria, too dim and patrons cannot see the food properly or read the menu.

The latest solution to restaurant lighting is LEDs. It has a number of benefits all tailor-made for setting the mood and restaurant type ambience. Lighting control is totally in your hands when you opt for LEDs. These lights are dimmable so you can set the tone of your restaurant on any given night. Hosting a birthday bash for kids? Turn up the lights for a bright and cheery environment. For normal days, keep the lights dimmed for that cosy comfortable feel. Turn the lights fully up for an office like setting when you have staff meetings in your premises. The choice is yours and only LEDs offer you this degree of flexibility in restaurant lighting. Additionally, LEDs do not flicker and therefore offers consistent level of lighting whether turned on high or low.

It is not only the standard fixed lights and fixtures in your restaurant that should be fitted with LEDs. Buy LED festoon lighting for those special occasions whether it is in a outdoor space or roof top area or indoors. These lights are strung across a cable and each line has a mix of various coloured LEDs. It surely goes a long way in helping you quickly get your premises into a festive mood.

Star Light LEDs are another accessory that your restaurant cannot possibly do without. These are various shaped cluster of LEDs housed in a device or a traditional bulb. When turned on, it has a dramatic light and shade effect. Further, there are other types that can double up as strobe lights, thereby enhancing a party or a disco scene. You have a wide choice here. The top end models have colour changing modes with a maximum of ten colours from a single device either used singly or in a mix of colours. The whole thing can be operated through a remote control. Other variables include speed and brightness control and stroboscopic effects.

A restaurant is not only about the area that is used by the patrons but also a substantial back end area like kitchen and dishwashing areas. These are spaces that require clear and vivid lights constantly, to prevent accidents as well as enhance productivity of staff. Bright lights ensure a warm and friendly work environment. Another aspect is that restaurants function almost round the clock with a few hours in between primarily for maintenance work .Since LEDs consume less power than other conventional lights, switching to LEDs can result in substantial savings on power bills. It can only be a win-win situation for you and your restaurant.

There is another stunning option that you can avail of with LED lights. Forget the old wall papers and fixed colours of your walls – now have them changed on a daily or hourly basis and gain an edge over your competitors. With LED wall washing fixtures the plain colours can be transformed to a dazzling hue of reds, blues and greens, simply by the push of a button.

All these features have made LEDs as essential to a restaurant as the pots and pans. Have you migrated to this modern form of lighting yet?

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